How Brainstorming Plays a Role in dig-8 [Session 3.0]

June 12, 2013

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At the beginning of each session of dig-8, we review the vocabulary from the previous session and introduce any new vocabulary that the students should know. The session this week was about brainstorming. Mentors from Beyond Design introduced the brainstorming process, the rules for brainstorming, and demonstrated how to map out their ideas on index cards and point out key features.

After splitting into their respective teams, the students presented their desk research from the homework lesson and the products they selected as potential competition. These products were used in the brainstorming session as inspiration, as well as additional stimulus material prepared by our team at Beyond Design.

For the rest of the session, students brainstormed ideas for products based on the persona they developed in the previous session. They developed concepts that had specific features to satisfy their target audience. By the end of the session, the walls were covered with over 600 ideas on post-it notes.

It was amazing to see these thirteen and fourteen-year-olds really engage with their team, support, and build off of one another’s ideas. We had the students complete a survey shortly after the program ended and this session was one of their favorites.

“I really liked when we brainstormed with all the sticky notes then talked about them and voted on them.”

“I really liked the brainstorming and trying to think of good products that would sell.”

Students develop ideas for their product.

The six students with the most ideas received a prize.

Students share their ideas with their team.

Mentors help students think about new ideas and possibilities for their designs.

Teams support one another and build off of each other's ideas.

The eight teams came up with over 600 ideas on post-it notes.

"I really liked when we brainstormed with all the sticky notes then talked about them and voted on them.”

The challenging part is taking these ideas and combining them to create one "big idea".

We recently launched the final product the kids the designed, the Elephant Hooks, on Kickstarter. We’d appreciate your support!

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