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Hot Wheels Introduces Their AI Intelligent Race System

September 9, 2016

For all you car lovers out there, Hot Wheels just introduced their new AI Intelligence Race System – a super sleek and fun way to enjoy racing toy cars. Everything that you need is at your fingertips like the parts to build the track, two remotes to control the car and two cars that will race around the track.


Another perk is that no smartphone is needed – and all parts are detachable, which means you can design for your own aesthetic look that you desire. The models are on a 1/32 scale of an actual car, which are designed to function like actual race cars – just at a miniature level.


In reference to the AI system, it’s similar to the Roomba machine. The cars have the ability to stay on the track, constantly adjusting their position. The buttons on the remote control allow for switching between off-track, practice and free play mode.


In the near future, Hot Wheels is looking to expand their models and bring in some more recognizable trucks and exotic cars to the mix. They’re also looking to change the track layout, along with mixing up the materials and graphics that they use.

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