The Kegerator        

Hopsy HomeTap is Keurig-Esque Machine for Beer

September 6, 2016

Hopsy is a craft beer service in the Bay Area – think San Francisco that offers a quick and efficient delivery of growlettes (32 ounce half size growlers) from local breweries to those that are beer snobs. However, they’re looking into developing a device that is between a Keurig and a Kegerator.


Along with their original service of delivering craft beer to your door in a special 2-liter bottles – the HomeTap device will be produced by KRUPS, one of Nestle’s Nespresso hardware partners. They hope to leverage their existing delivery service to make it as easy as possible to get beer – and enjoy it. Moreover, they claim to offer added benefits in storage and freshness to keep your beer tasting fresh and crisp.


Once the beer has been delivered, you follow the steps…

• Open the bottle
• Slot it into the HomeTap
• Connect a tube from the bottle to the tap
• Refrigerate your beer


Hopsy also has a monthly beer club program – offering a HomeTap rental and two bottles every four weeks. For all you beer lovers out there, not to shabby.

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