Honda Civic and Civic R A Double Sided Story        

Honda Showcases a Double Life In New Car Commercial

November 3, 2014

Honda’s new “double-sided” video, which features the new Civic and Civic Type R Concept, definitely wins video of the week in our eyes. The short film, called “The Other Side,” shows the contrast between Honda’s dependable cars and its sportier sibling.

Honda Civic video

One side of the video shows a dad picking up his daughters from school in a white Civic, while the other side reveals a darker side – that dad is actually a getaway driver by night in a red Civic Type R Concept. By pressing the “R” key while watching the video, it seamlessly transitions to the “other side” of the video. Without spoiling the ending, we will say it’s worth the watch.

You can watch a teaser below, but you really need to see the full experience for yourself on YouTube.

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