Home + Housewares Show 2019        

IHHS 2019 Part I

March 11, 2019

The 80th annual Home + Housewares Show kicked off the month of March and saw over 62,000 attendees pass through McCormick Place. Beyond Design attended again this year and also presented on the Smart Talks stage and Innovation Theater. IHHS introduced us to a variety of unique products, innovative technologies, and trends. Please read below to learn about what trends, products, and companies stuck out to us this year.

“Steamlined” Technology

Salav’s handheld garment steamer, the DUOPRESS HS100, is the latest from the houseware company. It joins the Salav family line of steam mops, garment steamers, and other gadgets like the cordless, rechargeable lint remover. The HS100 is part steamer, part iron and produces 1150 watts of steam and irons at 300+ degrees.

Intuitive Kitchen Accessories

“Cook Smarter. Not Harder,” says Chefman of their line of cooking tools. Their products include mixers and grinders, choppers and blenders, and specialty items like the Sous Vide Circulator. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities letting the chef monitor temperatures and start their sous vide process remotely. With such accurate temperatures, the Circulator ensures flavor is locked in and enhances the overall quality of any dish.

Interactive, Virtual Design

CES Innovation winner, Plott, brought their DIY design tool + app from New Jersey and demonstrated how the Cubit helps visually plan interior design with Extended Reality (XR) and smart phone connection. Putting real life data into the Plott system enables design plans to be as precise as possible before making it a reality.

Embrace Slowness with Manual

With the Home + Housewares Show bringing in thousands of people from around the U.S. and the world, it’s always nice to see local talent recognized and represented. Such was the case with Chicago-based designer and illustrator, Craighton Berman, who is the founder and creative director of home goods brand Manual. The ceramic pieces and coffeemakers embrace Manual’s mantra of slowing down and enjoying the process of cooking and making something from scratch. The ceramic collection is designed to blend with the home and be multifunctional, while the Coffeemaker No. 2 and 3 are classic pour over brewers that are intended to “celebrate the ritual” of creating the perfect cup and enjoying the end result.

Headache + Pressure Reliever

Breo’s eye massager relieves pressure from dry, overworked eyes with it’s 22 individual silica gel contacts. With nine different massage settings the iSEE device increases blood circulation which leads to relaxed muscles and reduces puffiness around the eye.

Countertop Gardens

Aspara’s indoor garden grower was blooming at IHHS. The hydroponics system uses LED grow lights and a reservoir water system to create an easy to manage countertop garden. The built-in smart sensors monitor the growth progress by reporting on humidity, water quality, temperature, and nutrient levels. The sensors then make lighting adjustments depending on growth stage and your plant’s specific needs. The Aspara system is currently available for pre-order.

Mixing with Heat

Oster’s Hand Mixer was a 2018 Honorable Mention in TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions for its HeatSoft Technology. The mixer finally offers a solution to the long standing kitchen issue of softening butter. It beats butter to soften it 12 times faster than waiting for it to soften at room temperature. You can add the Oster mixer to your kitchen collection for $99.

Clean + Green

LARQ water bottles combine beautiful design and purifying technology, resulting in a unique self-cleaning bottle. Distancing themselves from traditional, ineffective water filters/bottle systems, LARQ uses UV light to neutralize 99% of germs and purifies itself every 2 hours. Similarly, Welly also uses a holistic, natural design Using bamboo materials, a naturally renewable resource, the bottle includes a removable infuser and the company donates 3% of their sales to bringing water to people in need. The Welly line includes bottle, mug, tumbler, and traveler varieties.

Image credit: LARQ Press Kit.

Mini Mixer, Big Cooking

KitchenAid returned with their standout appliance wall at McCormick and showcased a small addition that packs a big punch. The Artisan mini mixer is 20% smaller and lighter than their traditional Stand Mixer, offering 10+ attachments and a stylish variety of 3.5 quart bowls.

Smart + Safe Cooking

Fire safety company, Innohome, introduced our team to their stove guard and alarm products. The Stove Guard SGK430 preemptively detects potential stove fires and is self-learning. The intelligent heat sensors alert the user and turns off the cooking range when temperatures reach a potentially dangerous level. The Guard is easy to install, wireless, and adapts to any kitchen. The Stove Alarm SA101 predicts similar hazards and works especially well for users with illness, learning difficulties, or old age who are living independently.

Combining Kitchens

Big news broke during the Show as Instant Brands revealed their merge with Corelle Brands, the company behind well known kitchen brands like Pyrex and Chicago Cutlery. With the two power companies joining forces, we expect to see an even bigger presence at IHHS 2020. The Instant Pot Max is the popular pressure cooker that has Nutriboost technology and uses 70% less energy than similar products.

Set + Forget Purifier 

Winix partnered with loudspeaker company, JBL, to create the dual air purifier + music speaker. The Winix QS Air Purifier is engineered with a 4-stage filtration system that captures dust, mold spores, smoke, pet dander, and odors within 320 square feet. The QS smart sensors continually monitor air quality and an automatically adjusting fan speed ensures it’s pushing out the cleanest air. While Winix’s cleaning system goes to work, JBL speakers boost the best quality sound from the two 8 watt speakers.

Designing Outside the Box

Japanese company, Takenaka, has been designing beautiful and functional bento boxes since their start in 1925. They broke into the U.S. kitchen market in 2012 and have made a splash with their pastel colored food storage containers. The two tiered boxes nest snugly together and are reinforced with a sturdy strap. The stylish lunch boxes start at around $30.

Organic Cutlery + Dining

Koziol’s eco-friendly collection of 100% pure and recyclable organic materials transform kitchen basics into a fresh and holistic experience.  The Klikk 3-piece cutlery set, similar to Takenaka bento boxes, snap together and are perfect for on-the-go dining, camping, and picnics. Designed by Cairn Young and inspired by Japanese art, the Klikk was created to “nest, connect, and assemble” in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way. Koziol also offers bath, lighting, and garden accessories.

IHHS: It’s Smart

Another successful Home + Housewares Show in the books! Feel free to contact our team with any new products and designs you found while walking the Show. Next year’s Show will be re-branded as The Inspired Home Show and is already scheduled for March 14 – 17 of 2020.  As always, thank you for reading.

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