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Highlights from the National Restaurant Association Show 2016

June 3, 2016

This past Tuesday marked the close of the 2016 National Restaurant Association Show. With more than 2,000 exhibitors in attendance, 44,000+ attendees, and more than 100,000 products, it was an impressive three day event at the McCormick Place in Chicago. We interacted and saw more new products than had ever been showcased in years past.

Black Rock Grill is a healthy and unique way of dining, allowing your customers to cook their own meal at the table. Heating up to 824 degrees, the stone will comply to all health and safety regulations. This fun, yet creative way to cook food caught our eye in a delightful manner.

BlackRockGrill _1

Hobart is raising the bar on delivering meat slicers that are durable and dependable in the food-service industry. This high-end meat slicer has proven reliability and is designed to enhance the quality of each slice while working with a seamless fence to secure the product during automatic operation. This is an innovative way to safely change out the blades after usage.

Carlisle FoodService focused on elevating products to the next level. The Coldmaster CoolCheck Container is blue when chilled but as it starts to warm up will become ivory (the color of the plastic container). This is a smart and simple solution so users can tell at a glance if the food is warming up.


San Jamar EZ-Kleen™ Kit was displayed at the show, for those that are interested in a full body protection kit. Hot grease, boiling water and dangerous chemicals are no longer an issue. The quality construction of every item holds up to the wear and tear of any job. The lightweight, universal fit will keep anyone safe in kitchen environment.

The Pre Gel Automatic Gelato Maker is a high quality, automated gelato machine that is a fast and convenient way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

TurboChef rapidly cooks food without compromising quality. With 4-inch adjustable legs, LED timer screen and dual motors for re-circulated air makes this smart oven a superior performance product for your cooking needs.


PepsiCo is getting crafty with Stubborn Soda, a new line of craft sodas that mimic the craft beer industry. Multiple flavors will be released, exploring its unique and contemporary flavor profiles. This new and innovative look will offer consumers a new take on the traditional soft-drink experience, while creating value for their customers.

Waring Commercial displayed their ice cream maker, that quickly produces ice cream in a fast and efficient way. The touch-screen and compact design is easy to keep clean and stands out from the rest of the other ice cream maker products.


Follett introduced their new stainless steel ice and water dispensers for counter-top and freestanding models. They can produce 125 lbs of ice per day and can service between 25-50 cups on any given day. With no drain and low energy required, this high quality system is perfect for restaurants.

When walking around the show, this display of glasses caught our eye. The machine blasts a specific chilling gas which makes the drinking glass frosted. As frequent restaurant visitors, we thought this was an awesome way to grab someone’s attention while drinking their favorite drink.


ZuMex displayed their commercial citrus juicer that is equipped with an integrated pitcher, orange counter and anti-drip system. Perfect for traditional catering and breakfast establishments, this small and compact juicer comes in a wide range of colors for customization purposes.

In the design industry, we believe that identifying user needs should drive the process of creating products that consumers will want and utilize on a consistent basis. Rancilio showcased their new Classe 11 espresso machine with a built-in multi-function onboard computer with an LED display and USB port. Independent heat exchangers control boiler pressure and control the electronic water level. Our eyes focused on the iSteam – a wand with programmable temperature sensors and capsule adapter to deliver the best espresso for those coffee lovers.


For those that own a restaurant or cater parties, this cold beverage dispenser can carry enough of your favorite drinks, allowing for more time to be invested in other things. The construction of the cold beverage dispenser provides great durability and a quiet controlled lid closure that allows for a safe and pleasant environment wherever it is used.

Now you can enjoy s’mores anytime and anywhere. Our designers fixed their eyes on this device, built with entertaining and family fun in mind. When it comes to safe, year-round fun whether it be indoor or outdoor, the s’mores maker is the ideal addition to any party. Dishwasher safe and two integrated stations make it easy and equally convenient to clean up. Two roasting forks are included and users can purchase separate sterno cans for multiple uses. As chocolate lovers at Beyond Design, this product immediately stood out to us as being safe and simple to use on a consistent basis.

With a stainless steel exterior and a sleek design, Victory showcased their new R290 Blast Chiller that keeps food in a cool place without spoiling. A trend throughout the show was incorporating simple user interface displays, like this one. A plain back screen with white LED lights portrays a sleek, yet simple look that everyone will appreciate working with.


Schaerer is an industry leader in the coffee appliance division. The Prime is their newest coffee maker that is the first choice for coffee connoisseurs by delivering gourmet beverages at the press of a button. It’s perfect for self-serving, while being environmentally The convenience and minimal, sleek design stood out to us at the show.

As the food truck industry continues to accelerate, entrepreneurs are using them to spin off brick-and-mortar operations. This is changing the needs of specific equipment, along with the growth of ethnic foods that are offered to different consumers. Neapolitan Pizza showcased their pizza oven truck with a built-in wood burning oven. As pizza lovers, our designers were extremely interested in the mechanics of developing such a truck.


The 2016 National Restaurant Association Show gave our team the chance to see the newest and latest lifestyle products for all areas in the restaurant industry. For a look at our projects, check out our website at or drop us a note at

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