Chicago Dental Show 2016        

Highlights from the Mid-Winter Dental Show

March 8, 2016

This past week the Dental Show 2016 took center stage at the McCormick Place in Chicago. The three day event attracted over 30,000 dental professionals and showcased more than 3,000, covering a wide spectrum of products and services. Never been so impressed with a show, we were excited to see some of the products we partnered on to be displayed. We were intrigued and interested in many of the products we saw and cannot wait until next year. Below are our favorite highlights from the show.

The Planmeca ProOne panoramic imaging machine combines extensive diagnostic capabilities and superior image quality, featuring cutting-edge innovations. The easy-to-use full graphical user-interface 2-D machine provides clear texts and symbols to guide technicians through procedures. Patient positioning is assisted by the triple laser beam system, that indicates what position a patient should stand or sit in. The LED lights on the 2-D and 3-D x-ray machines are status indicators that allow patients to view soothing colors and can be mood stabilizers during examinations.


We were excited to see a few products we designed featured at the Dental Show this year. GUM® Proxabrush Go-Between cleaners was designed to remove dental plaque from areas between the teeth that are commonly missed by toothbrushing alone. The WaterPik Aquarius Water Flosser features a new compact and contemporary design, including an on/off handle, LED information panel and 7 flosser tips. The designs were approached by focusing on simple usability with narrowing in on a one-handed operation by the user.



Sit, relax and enjoy your visit!

The Elevance® Dental Chair by MidMark is designed to accentuate style and deliver exceptional patient comfort. The integrated options such as heat and massage suppresses anxiety – delivering greater support and optimal access for dentists and hygienists. With programmable foot controls, this is the perfect chair to have in a dentist office.


The Sirona inLab Software 15.0 is a comprehensive development, designed to meet the CAD/CAM system requirements. The inLab CAD software 15.0 satisfies dental lab technicians and designers with its needs-based indications and optimizes the design process with a user-friendly interface. Using these updated system requirements allows technicians and designers to design more detailed and precise needs for patients.


The Dental Show 2016 gave a glimpse into what current and near future CNC machines will be like. Planmeca and AegisDental, the real giants of the dental marketplace, both showed highly compelling CNC machines for display.

The PlanMill 40 fabricates and restores designs quickly to produce a menu of services through wireless connectivity and touch screen options.

Aegis Dental displayed their milling machine that creates superior all-ceramic materials in under an hour by enabling two spindles and a wet grinding method to do the work.


Our designers and engineers got to interact with dental hygienists from Hu-Friedy, a leading manufacturer in the dental industry, creating premium dental instruments and associated products. The hygienists at the dental show were engaging with the crowd and demonstrated how to use specific dental tools that most of us interact with during dentist visits.


Save time and energy with new and improved dental equipment.

Hu-Friedy’s EverEdge® Technology is unlike anything you’ve experienced before in a scaler. Combining state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, heat treatment and cryogenics creates a superior stainless steel – keeping scalers and curettes sharper longer. This saves time, along with less hand fatigue and more comfort throughout the work day.


Because of its high cutting power and constant torque, the Bienair Optima MCX allows for procedures to be completed faster. This gives dentists the ability to optimize their time to take on more patients. From its practical design to seamless setup and operation, connecting the handpiece to a delivery unit is simple and is available in 4 colors.


The Dental Vibe Injection Comfort System is a clinical instrument designed to eliminate intra-oral injection pain. A cordless, rechargeable device delivers a soothing, pulsing micro-oscillation to the site where the injection is being administered.

The Seiler Evolution Zoom is a tooth cavity laser that is needle-less and drill-less when filling cavities for patients. The pain transmitters numb the tooth, removing the need for novocaine. The machine vaporizes the cavity, controlled by handle or foot pedals, allowing for a smooth and painless visit.


The ProMark is a portable modern motor system that delivers smooth reciprocation with preset options allowing five single files, file series or custom file series. The vivid 3-row LCD display is pre-loaded with a library of settings and is fully programmable for individual preferences. The brush-less motor delivers ample power, along with a consistency of full A/C mains power. With high speed and torque settings, it is capable of 150,000 RPM operations with a broad range of e-type handpieces. Not to mention, it can be updated with future endodontic innovations for a longer ROI.

With a complete redesign, Vita Easyshade is a user-oriented operating device that is rounded off perfectly with a color OLED touch display that is both comfortable and intuitive. The durable and long-lasting battery technology ensures exact tooth-shade determination in accordance with the international shade systems. The seamless ergonomics of the design comfortably fit in your hand.


DentalEZ®, a producer of dental operatory systems, including cabinets, patient chairs and delivery equipment featured their new Ortho Cart. The cart consists of a mobile or fixed cabinet that stores a delivery unit, storage drawers and a fixed working surface – accommodating both doctor and hygienist instruments. With rounded corners and four caster wheels, this high quality ortho cart has plenty of storage space with five drawers – two deep, and three shallow. The side door allows for easy access to a clean water system and can be easily moved for best positioning.

This seat cover that our designers saw stuck out in our minds, as it is supposed to be inspired by the Porsche 911 car seats. Alcantara, the material used, is a soft black leather with a hint of suede provides a sporty, yet sleek look with the detailed trim. This look is becoming more and more popular when designing patient chairs for dental offices.


iOptima transforms your existing dental unit by adding the latest in smartphone technology. Fitted with the world’s best brush-less, sensor-less micromotor and an iPod interface, the iOptima is perfect for restorative and endodontic procedures. With numerous pre-programmed customizable options, the iOptima is quick, efficient and risk-free. With the increased use of UI in the dentist industry, integration is simple and intuitive for all users.


Smartphone + dental = simple

The Dental Show 2016 show gave our team the chance to see the latest technology advances in the dental industry. For a look at some of our projects, check out or drop us a note at

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