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Highlights from the Home + Housewares Show 2016

March 18, 2016

We’re back at it again! This past week the International Home + Housewares Show took over downtown Chicago bringing together thousands of companies and spectators from around the globe. The three day event housed more than 2,100 exhibitors all showcasing the latest in products and gadgets for the home. Each inspired and set new trends for the coming year. Here are our favorite highlights from the show:

While pastel colors paired with glass were a prominent feature at the show, everywhere we turned copper and metal tones were still a popular trend. Rose gold garbage cans were also on display, targeting not only millennials, but other generations as well. The colors plus materials give enough pop to keep it fun and exciting in the home.



Airmega, a natural air purifier tackles all issues by introducing a smart, quiet and attractive product that any home would benefit from. The best part is that the machine doesn’t spew harmful toxins around your home. Equipped with an app, Airmega will let you know if the air has gotten nasty even if you are out and away from your home. A nifty automatic mode will turn off the purifier when the air gets stale. Not to mention, it is smart enough to shut off after 10 minutes – helping the green movement.


Breathe in the Clean Air!

Designed with power, beauty and precision, the Tribest Octagon Grain Mill unlocks all the nutrients and flavors from your favorite grains in seconds. Hand-crafted to grind your food without heat, the mills are made of corundum stone, mixed with a special ceramic that resists chipping. The natural wood look is an elegant and sophisticated touch to any kitchen counter top.

Dash Go Sport Blender make it easy for users to take their smoothies and protein shakes on-the-go. It’s simple to make individual portion controlled drinks with tight lids designed for portability and storage. With three different colors available, this is an easy to clean item, which is attractive to users.


Felli Products by Free-Free introduced their new line of soap dispensers that feature a pairing of glass and cork together. The natural yet, combined look provides an alternative solution for those that like a softer and earthy appearance. The integration of materials to emulate natural tones was something we quickly noticed was a popular trend.


Sous Vide is a cooking technique, where food is cooked in sealed bags. By having precise control of the temperature, food is cooked more thoroughly without the fear of over-cooking. This was a type of product that our designers saw throughout the show, making it an extremely popular item for the home.


Contemporary designs, along with natural-looking materials are being introduced in creative ways to promote a fun and functional way to be placed in all areas of the home. By displaying natural, yet modern looks in the home, it can give homeowners a peace of mind and sense of tranquility.

Joseph Joseph Wooden Cutting Board is the perfect solution to cutting food. The wood material used instead of their plastic cutting board is more efficient, while the knives won’t cut through the plastic. A more natural cutting board is the perfect accessory in a kitchen space.


Designed to open up wine bottles with ease, Vinturi Wine Openers were designed to provide an aesthetically appealing look by our designers at Beyond Design. Giving off an elegant and modern look in any kitchen, we were proud to see them on display at the Housewares Show.


One thing we noticed at this show this year was the amount of color that filled the aisles. Whether it was a light pastel or bright color, these products certainly stood out with style.

Le Creuset, a premium French cookware manufacturer, displayed their Hibiscus pink bakeware line featuring their ombré salt and pepper mills. Combining classic form and technology with iconic pastel colors, we loved the easy to use aspect of the kitchen accessory items, along with the two-toned colors.

KitchenCraft Colour Works displayed a kaleidoscope of products in a multitude of colors. With over 400 essential cooking utensils, the brightness will flood your kitchen while providing those who cook with a high level of performance.


Wilton’s Adjustable Cupcake Tower makes it easy to match your party and catering to your guests easier than ever. With 1 base, 6 tiers, and 1 top cup holder, this party accent is convenient and easy to use.


In the design industry, we believe that user necessity drives the process of creating products that consumers will want to use on a consistent basis. Smith’s Consumer Products is a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative knife sharpeners under KitchenIQ. Showcasing their colorful line of electric and manual sharpeners, they have designed them to provide a safe and efficient way to keep knives from getting dull and not cutting properly. This is a cost-effective way to keep your knives in great condition, while adding a bit of color.


Farberware, one of the oldest but trusted brands in houseware items, showcased their 12-piece cookware sets in a multitude of different colors. These colors aren’t as bright as some of the other products but give a subtle, yet fun way of spicing up your kitchen. Adding some color to a kitchen space is a great way to accessorize and express your personality.

As designers, our eyes landed on the Hailo Bread Bin featured at the show due to the simplicity of the integrated materials. The overall classic, yet simple aesthetic feel caught our attention.

Known for their plumbing products, Kohler broke out of their shell and showcased a rust-resistant brushed stainless steel canister for disinfectant wipes. Fitting 30-35 wipes, the silicone seal keeps wipes fresh without them drying out. With a single push of a button, the lid opens making it accessible for all ages to use.


Keurig Kold is the new way to enjoy your favorite cold beverages on demand via pods. With six options to choose from, this machine perfectly portions out each drink. The Keurig Kold is only the first attempt at such a product. With environmentally-friendly products becoming more popular, we’re curious to see what the future holds for the Keurig Kold Drinkmaker.

Gourmia debuted the GKM9000 multi-cooker. Equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen that displays video instructions to follow recipes, it provides users with updates on the progress of a meal. The convenience of this product is something that jumped out at us, allowing users the ability to prep and go about their other tasks without the fear of ruining a meal.


Connected counter-top devices provide a smart cooking experience!


The 2015 International Home + Housewares Show gave our team the chance to see the newest and latest lifestyle products for all areas of the home. For a look at our projects, check out our website at or drop us a note at

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