Highlights from the 2013 National Hardware Show

May 21, 2013

Thousands of products were packed into the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2013 National Hardware Show. This year, we had our eye on a wide array of categories – from grills and gardening accessories to smart technology and outdoor lighting. A few of the products that caught our eye are shown below.

Garden on Wheels
We were especially drawn to the Garden on Wheels because of the story behind it. Justin Connell, a student at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) co-founded the product through an entrepreneurship and innovation program called EnterpriseLAUNCH. The product is an elevated mobile garden that caters to people who can’t bend or who don’t have a lot of space. With an adjustable height up to 38 inches tall, the Garden Wheelz features a sealed bed and draining system that recycles water, provides proper room for healthy root systems and it maximizes space for both indoor and outdoor use.

Garden on Wheels

Pain-Free Painting
The ErgoMaster™ Pro is said to take the pain out of painting and reduces fatigue. The design places weight on the top portion of the handle providing the user better balance and less hand fatigue. The users arm carry’s the weight rather than the wrist. The best part about this product is that it can be used with almost any brush, so you don’t have to buy one specifically for this design.

ErgoMaster™ Pro Paint Brush

RoboReel Water Hose Reel
The unique shape of the RoboReel water hose reel caught our eye at the show. The RoboReel has a one-touch automatic retraction for the hose, a remote that comes with a timer that allows the unit to water on a regular schedule for up to a month before automatically shutting off the water and retracting, a “NeverKink” hose, and it continuously rotates 360 degrees so that you can water any area within 200-300 ft. It’s unique look reminds us of Disney Pixar’s Omnidroid that was made famous in the movie The Incredibles.

RoboReel Water Hose Reel (left) and Omnidroid (right)

Robots continue to do even more around the house. The Grillbot is a circular robot outfitted with steel brushes that cleans a barbecue grill with the press of a button. It received the Gold Innovation Award in the Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living category.

Grillbots (photo from NHS website)

Keira Watering Cans
The Keira Watering Cans offer functionality, beauty, and personality. We especially like the color selection, as well as the way the product was presented with a sticker that reads “Hello, I’m Keira.” The nesting feature is also ideal for shipping and merchandising at the store level.

Keira Water Cans

Smart Technology
The Smart Tables from dg energy aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but they do incorporate some cool technology. The Triple Junction Thin Film solar panel can be recharged even in very low light conditions. The convenient power outlet mounted to the side of the table provides hours of power without the need for messy extension cords. So if you’re ever sitting outside and want to charge your iPad, this might be the product for you. Also shown is a solar powered battery pack that can be used to charge your electronics.

Nature Power Solar Battery (left) and Smart Table (right)

Colorful Product Lines
Dramm, a leader in watering tools and accessories, featured their signature rainbow color lines at the show. The colors are incorporated in all of their products and, while the colors aren’t new, they definitely differentiate their designs from competitors and have become the signature element for Dramm and its numerous loyal customers.

Dramm Signature Rainbow Color Line

Handy Camel Bag Clip
The Handy Camel Bag Clip reminds us of a chip clip (only on steroids), and serves a similar purpose. The clip is perfect for animal lovers (dog food bags, cat litter, etc.), gardeners (to seal potting soil, bulk seed, etc.), home use (charcoal, wood pellets, etc.) handymen, and many others. We could definitely see this coming in handy with several of our items at home.

Handy Camel Bag Clip

Pellet Grills
There was an abundance of grills at the show, including gas, charcoal, and pellet. However, the natural wood pellet grills seemed to be more prevalent than in years past. Traeger featured their Lil’ Pig Grill which would be quite the conversation piece at a backyard barbeque.

Traeger Pellet Grill (left) and Lil' Pig Pellet Grill (right)

LED Lighting
LED lighting was seen in several products at the show, from lamps and grills to light-up trees that would be great for outdoor events. Vendors are providing complete solutions that eliminate the extended installation time. Customers can purchase an entire “tree” that is as simple as plugging into an outlet.

LED Lighting

Craftsman + Harley Davidson Tool Storage Line
Harley-Davidson and Craftsman have launched co-branded, special edition tool storage products. Each piece is in Harley-Davidson orange and black and imprinted with the company’s decal. Craftsman is the official hand and power tool sponsor for Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebration.

Craftsman + Harley Davidson Tool System

Changing the Look of the Deck
Decks and outdoor patios are starting to take on a whole new look. Tile systems are now introducing a combination of natural stone materials and man-made synthetic tiles such as faux grass and composite bamboo with plastics. These trends are making it more affordable and easier to install for consumers.

Nature Soft Deck Tiles

Vibrant and Biodegradable Pots
We saw a lot of colors at the show, specifically in pots and outdoor gardening accessories. We liked the biodegradable bamboo pots and the minimalistic design of the ceramic planters (as well as the way they hang).

Ceramic Pots

Bamboo Pots

Duck Tape Meets Fashion
A rather unusual trend today is that of duct tape being used as the material of choice for making a fashion statement, whether to make clothing, purses, wallets, or other arts and crafts. ShurTech Brands, the maker of Duck Tape, featured extravagant dresses and suits made from their product.

Duck Tape Fashion at the National Hardware Show 2013

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