NeoCon 2016        

Highlights from NeoCon 2016

June 24, 2016

This past week NeoCon 2016 took center stage at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The show attracted over 50,000 design professionals and showcased more than 700 companies, covering markets in healthcare, retail, education, public spaces and much more. We were intrigued and interested in many of the products we saw and cannot wait until next year.

We were excited to see a product that Beyond Design created featuredat NeoCon this year. The Advocate 3-in-1 lavatory system by Bradley Corporation is one that provides users with soap, water and a dryer – all in one. By placing a more efficient, touchless soap dispenser, sink and dryer side by side of one another, users can take advantage of their personal space, while keeping water off the floor and minimizing towel usage. With the Advocate, everything is within reach of what is needed in the restroom – with the ultimate goal of cutting costs and cleaning time.


Formwork stackable desktop storage helps you bring order to your papers, tools, and artifacts. With different shapes and sizes available, the desk accessories can be combined to your liking. The sophisticated, yet simple designs indicate the thoughtfulness for desktop items. Each form is shaped with ABS plastic, and has a nonslip silicone base. Each item is available in multiple colors which displays a level of expression. The best part about these items is that they are light, fun and can be used simultaneously for other things around the office.



Different materials used around the office make for a fun work environment.


With encouraged movement throughout the day and desire to live a healthy lifestyle, Steelcase displayed their Walkstation – a treadmill desk. It lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energized while accomplishing the day-to-day tasks workers would normally do while seated in open areas. These also allow for easy and collaborative use.


There was an abundance of different workplace extras that could be a fun addition to any office area for those that like to relax on their own or have some fun with others.

The Steelcase Work Lounge provides privacy and an enhanced level of psychological security. These work lounges deliver a high-performance work space in a highly effective footprint.

The Janis et Cie Foosball Table is the ultimate addition to any entertainment space. This streamlined design features hand-painted aluminum players, rubber-soled levelers, and beverage holders for four players.


With a simple circular silhouette and an understated design, Gravy LED Wall Sconce fits any interior space. The cord-free joint design both subtly and cleverly incorporates full range articulations, allowing it to be used for ambient lighting, task lighting or any other imaginable purposes.


Colors can enhance a workspace environment!

Nienkamper ICF presented their Gateway Collection, a suite of three different elements that work to provide smart solutions to presentations, conference and office meetings. The Gateway Collection brings purpose to work settings to create collaborative environments that support people and keep ideas and innovation moving.


Inspired by nature, BuzziJungle offers a solution to the conventional meeting space. It is a reflection of the vision that social offices are pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace. The BuzziJungle creates an urban footprint in large and small spaces which caught our eye.

UPis1 by Interstuhl is the intelligent multi-functional stool that is portable through spontaneous events where a seat is needed. This allows for maximum flexibility and brings a healthy change to a desk. With four different color schemes available, the stools caught our eye, and impressed us by how it can allow for an enjoyable and eye catching decor for work environment.


We believe that having a space to share ideas and materials is essential to the learning and growth process. Abstracta showcased Moow – a whiteboard rail system. This system is a smart and easy way to meet the need of contemporary workspaces, leaving a neat and simple impression. This design provides a crisp, clean feel while allowing for flexibility through a freestanding or mounted board to your wall, creating an environment that will be successful for your workspace.


The iconic Muuto restore tray was showcased at NeoCon with four new colors available. The longlasting and durable tray can be used in a variety of different ways and is small enough to fit in a multitude of places around the home or office space.

Snowsound introduced CUBBY™, an enclosed rectangular frame is used to enhance an environment’s acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies. The frameless panels combined with engineering, recyclable materials and shapes can be adaptable to any space. For those that need to take phone calls, this is especially nice for hearing purposes in a noisy area.


Framery Acoustics showcased their innovative and contemporary solution for multiple people with the Framery Q. The upscaled booth adds space and comfortable accessories for the use of two people, allowing them to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on one conversations. Both users can benefit from privacy and a soundproof environment at the same time.


Steelcase displayed their workstations with vibrant patterns at NeoCon this year. Dividing individual workspaces, while giving workers a sense of authenticity, self-expression and freedom can maximize their potential to be successful. The cultural movement is redefining the corporate workplace -focusing on a pluristic approach that enriches the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. This dynamic ecosystem of space blends design, materials and performance in a way that creates a positive vibe and trends of the day.


EnergyPod is the first chair designed for resting in the workplace combining comfort, innovative technology and a timeless design for those who need a quick power nap. The aesthetically driven yet ergonomical machine is programmed to provide lights, music and vibration.


Evolving technologies can come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit your needs!

The NeoCon 2016 show gave our team the chance to see the newest and latest lifestyle products for all areas in the commercial interiors industry. For a look at some of our products, check out our website at or drop us a note at