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Helios Touch Modular Lights

December 27, 2016

Helios is a modular touch screen wall light that allows users to swipe when or where they want light – turning their wall into a canvas for illumination. Consisting of multiple plastic hexagons that can be connected together via magnets, the electricity passes through one piece to another. With power running through the product, each light is turned on and off via a touch sensor that is built into each piece.


Individual components can be placed together via magnets around the edges of the product and the user can purchase as many units as they need or want for their lighting touch display. At the moment, 105 tiles can be joined together on the same power circuit. With the central units needed to be rigidly connected, this makes it easier to move and connect other units to showcase different shapes. Nails and sticky tabs are the alternative methods to provide a secure attachment.


The two external parts are injection molded because it is within optimal thickness range for the material and thin enough to make sure that all details will be present. Not to mention that neoydin magnets, fibreglass, and LED’s have been incorporated into the design to be more cost-efficient and economically friendly.


The goal of this project is to reduce the amount of energy consumption for lighting in commercial buildings with a customized lighting display. As eco-friendly designers, we feel that this is important to the users, but also the world that we live in.

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