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Healthcare Advancements Continuing to Evolve

February 16, 2017

With the start of 2017, there have been more innovative healthcare devices and solutions evolving into the medical marketplace. These new tools are improving patient care, providing more options, and cutting costs and time for procedures.

Pepper: Aldebaran Robotoics and Softbanked introduced the friendly humanoid robot, Pepper to the healthcare world. He has bedside manner and is able to read human emotions with his voice and language recognition capabilities. Late last year Pepper started his (trial based) medical career in Belgian hospitals. Pepper is a 4’7” white robot with large, Pixar-like eyes. His main duties so far are to greet visitors and patients as they enter the hospital and eventually lead them to their appointments and assist in a more hands on manner.

Pepper BLOG

Liquid Biopsies: Tissue biopsies can be painful, costly, and invasive for the patient. With liquid based biopsies the war on cancer is closer to being won and cases can be caught early enough for successful treatments. With these liquid tests, data from something like blood or plasma search for tumor cell DNA that could lead to a diagnosis much faster and result in a quicker diagnosis and treatment. Last June an FDA approved the first liquid biopsy in the U.S.

UV-C LED Disinfectant: Cleanliness is a top priority for every hospital – the cleaner a hospital is the less likely infections and disease will spread among patients and visitors. Aquisense Technologies specialize in the advancement of disinfection systems with the use of UV-C LED systems. Their unique system is making disinfection solutions safer and more effective by taking out chemicals and replacing with LED devices.

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