makers alphabet The Maker's Alphabet        

A Guide to the Maker Culture, for Kids Age 1 to 100

April 21, 2014

How do you introduce children to today’s maker culture? Two design grad students at the School of Visual Arts came up with the idea to create an illustrated book that captures the magic and spirit of how it feels to produce something tangible in the world. Everyone can be a maker, and we want to spread that joy and celebrate that.”

arduino makers alphabet

Each letter brings some component of the creative process to life. They call the current maker movement a “modern Renaissance” – it’s helping to revive traditional modes of craftsmanship, like bookmaking and weaving, once considered dying art forms, while fusing these with exciting new technologies.

3D printing makers alphabet

From kombucha-making to coding, Maker’s Alphabet will remind all of us what it means to be a maker in 2014. The book is currently on Kickstarter and has more than doubled its goal of $4,500. To read more about their campaign, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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