Groundbreaking Fun in Photography

March 8, 2012

Photo from Engadget

I’m sure that most tech-savvy people know that the first-and-only-of-its-kind Lytro camera is hitting the shelf soon (we did a short post on it back in October). It is the first commercialized light-field camera that gives the user the ability to refocus images after the shot was taken. Sounds pretty amazing.

Although Lytro has many great features to impress the casual photographer, I’m predicting this could to be no more than another accessory gadget to show-off as of now. Although it seems to have very simple UI and gorgeous hardware, it’s said to have limited ability to shoot in low-light conditions which means that you’ll never be able to make the Lytro your main photographic companion.

However, one thing is for sure, I would love to see the company expand with a full product line of Lightray-equipped cameras in the near future. You can read the full review and more information on the camera here.

Written By: Sean Kim, Manager of Industrial Design

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