GridConnect's Smart Outlet 2        

GridConnect’s Smart Outlet 2

December 9, 2018

Our friends at GridConnect just recently launched their Smart Outlet2 which allows Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to monitor home devices like lights, fans, and small appliances all from the convenience of an app or voice commands.  The ConnectSense still retains the same simple and convenient (and award winning) design we came up with in 2015 but is now smoothly transitioning with today’s technologies making homes smart and more efficient.

Tangle Free

Originally, the ConnectSense Outlet was designed with a USB charging port for iPhone 6/6+ and iPads, but now features two Wi-Fi connected sockets (that can be monitored individually), user friendly full control from the ConnectSense app, voice control, energy monitoring, and an increased 2/4 amp USB charging port for smartphones and tablets (not limited to Apple products). Overall, we have seen the ConnectSense continuing to improve and we are proud to say we got to work on it at the ground level several years ago.

Multi-Function App Use

The ConnectSense2 conveniently will work with the existing Wi-Fi network in a home without requiring an additional gateway or hub, resulting in a quick set up and fast results.  With the free app you can easily monitor your devices without worry that a heater or iron was left on. Not only does the app provide peace of mind, it also allows for real-time energy consumption monitoring resulting in more conscious energy usage (which also results in saving money, win-win).  The app also conveniently creates custom schedules for plug in devices, “you can schedule a lamp to turn on and make sure you never come home to a dark house or a fan to turn on at a certain time to ensure your home is cool.” The Smart Outlet retails at $60.00 and can be purchased through the ConnectSense website. 

Features Include:

-Two Wi-Fi connected sockets that can be monitored and controlled individually

-Make everyday plug-in devices like lamps, fans, heaters and other small alliances smart

-Control from Anywhere with the free ConnectSense App for iOS or Android. No Hub or subscription required.

-Control with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant

-Simple Setup and Configuration

-Monitor Energy usage for your plug in devices

-2.4 amp USB charging port for rapid charging of Smartphones and tablets


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