Google Introduces Jamboard

November 8, 2016

Google is making a grand entrance into hardware now by introducing Jamboard, a modern spin, but classic tool for the whiteboard. The 55 inch 4K touchscreen panel board is the first hardware product in Google’s G Suite line of cloud-based tool products. Currently, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs all exist to make long-distance collaboration as easy as possible. However, these specific items can break down once everyone is in the same room.

For those that want to be creative and collaborative, whether in the same room or not, was the ultimate goal for Google’s G Suite team. By launching a Jamboard session, people can join in from anywhere using the app on either their Android or Apple smartphone. All viewers will see a real-time feed and can add text, photos, and drawings to the collaborative session. And the best part is that the leader of the session can share it all using Google Hangout participants.


The big-screen session will let you add items, rearrange them, and pull images from the side bar menu. One down side is that you can only contribute via the mobile apps. But, you can add text and create digital sticky notes. A user can drive a meeting from a tablet or computer, but the massive Jamboard is where all the control lies. It includes two stylii that feel like chalk, while the pressure-sensitive screen feels the writing on it. And you can even use your hand to erase, if the eraser is unavailable.


Everything is saved on a Google Drive and it can even save “handwriting to text” so all of your scribbles will be transcribed. A built-in HD camera lets users capture selfies, photos and the Chromecast option will allow you to access Netflix.

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