Get a Good Buzz Going!

July 25, 2011

Last week a few members of our team spent some time at the ASI Show at the McCormick Center in Chicago, to get the word out about The BuzzBrush® and its sister products, the BuzzDrive™, the BuzzWrite™, and the BuzzSpray™. The ASI Show is the place to be to meet top suppliers and distributors in the advertising specialty industry. It was an action-packed two-day event that drew a large crowd of eager consumers.

The feedback from those in attendance about the BuzzBrush® was extremely positive and everyone loved it. Distributors were especially excited about its multi-functionality. Many said that this was by far the most interesting new product they had seen at the ASI Show in a long time. We gave away over 2,000 free samples to interested attendees.

If you’d like to learn more about the product, or pick up one for yourself, you can check out They’re also being sold in select Bed, Bath, & Beyond stores nationwide!

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