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GE and Amazon Integrate Products

December 16, 2016

Designed to be a disc-shaped lamp, GE and Amazon have paired forces together to create a tron / Dyson bladeless looking table lamp. Amazon has always wanted Alexa to be part of something more than the Echo, Echo Dot and the Echo Tap. Working with GE, to built the C by GE Lamp Table is their way of branching out and working to combine the latest technologies together.

The lamp is a thin circle of LED’s, which GE stated would be about 14-18 inches tall and around 13 inches in diameter. The base of the lamp holds all of Alexa’s features, including a microphone and a speaker which allows for the same use of Alexa that she has with the Echo.


When the lamp lights up to showcase the color blue, it means that Alexa is working on the inner sides of the lamp. Pretty cool.


Right now, the lamp is just a prototype. However, GE and Amazon are working together to feature the product in their line of connected home products for their consumer base.


As designers, we have to think about all the ordinary items we use on a daily basis to include the technology that is at our fingertips. Working together to collaborate on new ideas can help with the process of introducing items that we would never think of before.

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