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Free Up Space In Your Refrigerator With the bottleLoft

October 27, 2014

Do you ever wish you had more room in your refrigerator? A new Kickstarter project, bottleLoft, might solve your problem. Engineer and product designer Brian Conti observed a problem that many of us have – glass bottles and other products crowd the limited space inside our refrigerator.

bottleLoft is a simple plastic strip with magnets that allows you to hang bottles, jars, and anything with metal lids from the top of your refrigerator, leaving room for your Tupperware containers, condiments and other items below.

bottleloft space saver

The two key aspects of bottleLoft design are the magnet assemblies and the adhesive configuration. Each bottleLoft is comprised of three neodymium magnets, three custom-designed and machined steel cups to focus magnetic strength, one specifically molded plastic rail, and one strip of 3M VHB (very high bond) tape. It is designed for a standard bottle cap, but can hold an additional 3.6 pounds.

bottleloft kickstarter

While Conti has already doubled his goal, you have until November 9th if you would like to fund the project and get a bottleLoft for your own fridge. You can check out the video below and support the project here.

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