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Flying Drones Capture Incredible Fireworks Show

July 10, 2014

If you want to see some spectacular video footage, do a quick YouTube search for images captured by drones and marvel at the one-of-a-kind perspective they can deliver. With the Fourth of July holiday just behind us, we came across a video of a drone that captured a fireworks show – up close and personal.

We remember when the AR.Drone was first introduced at CES at 2010, and now, four years later it’s incredible to see how far the product has come. Learning to build and fly remote control aircraft was once a time-consuming process, which is often what kept the hobby from spreading. Now, new technology like user-friendly designs, equipped with smaller, high-powered motors and batteries, means that you can have your aircraft ready to go in minutes, greatly enhancing the appeal of the hobby. Not only that, but new designs come with cameras attached, a feature that has fundamentally changed why people fly model aircraft.

In the video below, someone flew a DJI Phantom 2, equipped with a GoPro HERO3 silver camera, directly through a fireworks show. The result is amazing. As always, it is so great to see how design and technology are constantly changing the way we see things around us.

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