Asics + Runkeeper        

Fitness Application Runkeeper Purchased by Asics

February 16, 2016

Japanese athletic company, Asics, just purchased the fitness app make called Runkeeper. Asics, known for their colorful running shoes is joining the game, along with Under Armour and Adidas. The acquisition between the two companies will keep the company running even faster – keeping them in the fitness competition.


Under Armour acquired MyFitnessPal, along with Adidas acquiring Runtastic. Asics is keeping up with them with Runkeeper. The application, which was founded in 2008, is one of the most popular fitness trackers, with over 45 million users using the app.


Fitness applications and products are taking over the market, making them sought after by millions of people. It’s amazing to see how the fitness arena has changed over the years – making it more fun and accountable for those trying to become healthier.

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