Eye Tracking Advancements        

Eye Tracking Technology

February 23, 2017

Eye tracking is quickly gaining commercial popularity and soon will be a reality for things we see, use, and consume daily. Driving, gaming, and marketing are all on the verge of (if not already) incorporating this technology into their processes and tools.
The concept of eye tracking technology was introduced years ago but it is finally gaining to the stamina through attractive start ups, big funding and innovative designs.

In the past year, Google and Facebook both have claimed stake in the eye tracking technology marketplace and acquired the startups Eyeflunece and Eye Tribe. Eyefluence was launched barely 3 years ago and in that time racked up over $21 million in funding before Google made an offer late last year. Eyefluence’s main focus is incorporating their eye tracking technology into virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR, AR, MR).


Similarly, The Eye Tribe (acquired by Zuckerberg and his team), designed their eye tracking technology for software developers to fuse with the apps and programs they create as well as VR headsets (beginning stages). Eye Tribe currently offers their Tracker Pro for $199. This device can be attached to a computer monitor and enables the user to use their eyes to control the screen movements.


A Swedish tech company, Tobii, has used their eye tracking technology for use in vehicles. The driver will be synced up through their vision and the car will be able to detect common distractions like texting and exhaustion. Tobii is also restructuring the gaming experience with their 15 years of experience.

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