Beyond Design and Zebra's ZT600 Series        

Exceptional Today, Ready for Tomorrow, Built for the Future

July 18, 2017

This week Zebra Technologies, the global tracking technology and solutions company, released their ZT600 Series printers that the Beyond Design team collaborated on! The printers are robust and durable and are an extension of the Xi Series printers. Beyond Design worked on the printers this past year and came up with a user friendly solution to the industrial thermal printing machines.

These “next generation workhorses” can handle any job, big or small. They offer 600 dpi printing for smaller jobs for applications like circuit boards and chips (3mm) and include built in thermal management which means no vents or fans. The printers are compatible with other systems and the user friendly design make deployment and maintenance a breeze. Most importantly, the Zebra printers are designed with the future in mind. Their technology is adaptable and the ZT600 Series welcomes updates and reconfigurations. The printers also seamlessly connect to Apple, Windows, Android and WiFi and print at a high volume without lag or downtime.

Early sketch ideas for the ZT600 Series.

For more information on our design please visit Zebra’s website and product spec sheet for a more in depth look at the ZT600 Series Industrial Printers. Check out our other work with Zebra here and feel free to drop us a note if you like our hardware!

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