Global Maker Educators Workshop        

Educator’s Worshop

January 23, 2019

Last week we were one of the stops on the Global Maker Educator workshop lead by Beyond alum and Purdue professor, TJ Kim. The Workshop had the Educators included nearly 30 visitors form Korea and traveled from coast to coast.  When they arrived at our studio we took them through our entire brainstorming process, reviewed our DIG – 8 program, and went through ideation, prototyping, and marketing.  Everyone in the studio got to participate and collaborate with the Educators and we came up with some great ideas and models. Please see some of the action below!

The educators were introduced to the DIG-8 program we ran in 2013 and how we successfully taught 8th graders the design process.


Ideation stages begin with brainstorming and rough sketches. 

Prototypes begin to…rise. 

The Workshop also was able to visit Lane Tech and their Makers Lab where they spoke to students and teachers and were given a crash course in their curriculum.

Next up, the group went to manufacturing incubator, mHUB in the West Loop and got to tour their labs and workshops and meet manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Before they landed in the Midwest, the educators got to travel to sunny Los Angeles and tour museums and other must-see locations too.

The group ended their stateside trip at TJ’s stomping grounds, Purdue. They visited co-working space, The Matchbook, in Lafayette, Indiana as well as an elementary classroom and other design businesses in the area.

We had a great time learning and connecting with our global neighbors and are excited to see the next generation of designers they inspire! If you are interested in a student or educator tour at Beyond Design please reach out to us at to discuss.

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