Dyson Releases First Supersonic Hair Dryer to Market

May 10, 2016

Starting off with the new product innovation team at Dyson, the British technology company that designs and manufacturers vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, fans and heaters, have developed their first hair dryer. Testing the high-tech hair dryer on miles of human hair was essential in bringing this product to market. After four years of intense research and development, it’s ready for those to use.


The small, travel-size hair dryer is equipped with technology like Dyson’s air multiplier feature, digital motor and heat sensors. However, the Supersonic (the name) is designed with a rounded, hollow space that gives off enough heat in order for the hair to dry. The air multiplier technology uses a motor and tiny jets to blow a thin sheet of air across the hair, rather than the choppy gusts you would normally get from a regular ol’ hair dryer.


The best part: less noise. The hair dryer was designed to reduce turbulence from the air released, which produces tighter air control and keeps the hair from tangling.

The heat sensors built into the air jets can heighten or reduce the temperature that is sent through a built-in microprocessor. With over $71 million spent on the project, there are over 100 patents currently being pended. This is the most mainstream product that Dyson has released on the market, with the capabilities to expand even more.


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