DOTI Fest 2019        

DOTI Fest 2019

September 26, 2019

How do we design a world where everyone can thrive?


To celebrate a decade of business, London based design agency Snook will host the first ever DOTI Fest.  Snook designs customer experience and brands through digital and social marketing campaigns over a range of platforms.  “We have a distinct focus on social good and innovation in the public domain and help our clients design customer-centric experiences that are efficient and lean in their delivery.”  With their continued success of the bi-monthly series, Design on the Inside (sessions that focus on the nitty gritty of design, not just the “hero stories”), the firm wanted to bring these honest sessions to a larger scale audience. Enter: DOTI Fest. 

DOTI will take place on Halloween this year in Bethnal Green on the East side of London.  “DOTI Fest is a reaction to this future ambition, and a reflection on the past 2 years of events. It’s a platform for honest, system-wide conversation and collaboration. From inclusive recruitment, to housing and health services — the day will join up voices across systems and take on some of our planet’s biggest challenges.”

“Our vision is to create a world where people and communities thrive. We see this as a systems challenge. DOTI Fest joins up voices across systems to take on some of our planet’s biggest challenges, from critical health services and lifelong learning, to daily shopping and designing a truly inclusive world.”

The keynote speakers include Sarah Drummond, CEO of Snook and co-founder of other notable organizations like CycleHack, Alloa Pride and The Matter, Indy Johar the designer snd founder behind Dark Matter Labs, Lou Downe, Director of Design and Transformation for Land and Planning of the UK, and Sophie Slater, the co-founder of Birdsong, an ethical, sustainable, and local Living Wage fashion label. Just to name a few. All the speakers have a passion for designing and creating change within their community and society.

DOTI Fest 2019 has a thought-provoking programme, covering everything from the future of local government to design as activism. We’re bringing keynotes, performances, panel discussions, workshops and fireside chats across 3 core areas:

How to create services that are tailored to every individual, so they are able to live fulfilling lives in an empowering environment.

How to create sustainable and participatory spaces that harness technological change, resulting in more liveable places.

How to help organisations build business models that favour people over process and enhance our communities and environment.

We look forward to the thought leadership and new ideas that come from the first ever DOTI Fest and will be posting highlights and honorable mentions next month.

Oval Space in East London where DOTI will be held late next month.

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