The Light Phone        

Disconnecting From the World of Technology

May 26, 2015

The Light Phone – a phone that can save you from your smartphone.

The above statement says it all. The Light Phone, a Kickstarter project, is a phone that only has the ability to connect with those you want to, just by calling them. No touchscreen display, texting applications, games or browser are available. We all think that having modern technology with all the latest and greatest applications will help make our lives easier – however, being disconnected with the world and taking a break may not be a negative aspect. As humans, the need to simplify our lives starts with removing ourselves from the equation, along with our smart technologies.


Being featured on Kickstarter, the Light Phone has taken over and is just short of reaching their $200,000 goal with just 36 days left. Just $100 per phone, orders will start being sent out May 2016 once the campaign has been fully funded. About as big as a credit card, the Light Phone can fit in your wallet and have calls forwarded to it from an existing smartphone or handset device. Lasting up to 20 days on a single battery charge, the Light Phone offers a prepaid SIM card preloaded with minutes to use and has an app available that can be used from a smartphone.


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