Ding is a “Smart” Doorbell

October 21, 2016

Ding, the new “smart” doorbell isn’t actually smart. It doesn’t promise users that it will learn their behaviors or alert you when crime is happening using facial recognition. However, it does promise to act as a doorbell – connecting to an app using your smartphone.


The Ding Doorbell System comes in three parts: a node with a button that attaches to your door, a speaker that is inside your home that allows you to hear noise and an app. When someone rings the doorbell, the speaker sounds like a chime in the house. If you’re not home, the doorbell’s ring will go directly to your cell phone via the app.



As designers, we continue to design products that intertwine aesthetics with smart functions. However, designing a product that produces a fast and efficient action is sometimes the most important attribute to focus on.

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