dig-8 Students Create a Prezi Presentation [Session 8.0]

July 17, 2013

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Following the marketing session, we met with the class a couple of times to work on their presentation, which was created in Prezi. The students were asked to address their entire experience in just a few slides – including research, personas, brainstorming, sketching, the “big idea”, mock-ups, manufacturing process, and their marketing plan. Creating it in Prezi allowed them to work on it from anywhere, home or school, because it is a cloud-based software.

Teams worked together to create their Prezi.

Teams developed an outline for their presentation before beginning.

Andrea Swank shared her knowledge in designing business presentations with the class.

Each team chose specific features and benefits to highlight when presenting their idea to a panel of real business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators in the final presentation. Between this session and the final presentation, we met with them two more times so they could practice presenting in front of an audience.

Team Lucky 7 prepares their Prezi.

Mentors let the students control the presentation and design layout, but were there for help if needed.

Teams split up their tasks among group members.

Mentors helped identify the most important features and benefits to focus on during the presentation.

“I think one of the most surprising things I learned from dig-8 was that an idea really can come to a reality. You can make it happen; you just have to work for it. I was also surprised that I learned as much as I did during the process of this program.”

It was amazing to learn that a few of the students who volunteered to present were students who normally have a fear in front of large groups. Practice definitely helped to calm their nerves, but the final presentation in the coming weeks would be the real test.

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