One Drop Makes Diabetes Manageable        

Diabetes Management App Gets Funding Push

June 19, 2017

A staggering amount of Americans live with diabetes and the numbers continue to rise due to obesity and poor eating habits and lifestyle. It is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. and without proper tools and management the disease will strike more and more individuals.

Jeff Dachis, co-founder of huge interactive agency Razorfish, created the One Drop app to improve the management of the disease so individuals can effectively take control of their lives. Dachis’ app will help track insulin levels, meals, medications, and daily activities to help give users a greater understanding of their disease and also improve their quality of life. The better understood the disease and lifestyle of the individual is, the easier it will be to manage and live a more productive and effective life.

Jeff Dachis speaks at the 2016 Frontiers Health Conference in Berlin about One Drop.

With 30 million people effected by diabetes, One Drop has an eager and wide audience to reach. Dachis raised $1 million in funding and most recently took on a massive $9 million to take the app and incorporate a glucose meter and also continue to improve and integrate a highly functional and collaborative hardware with more features.

The One Drop app has a friendly and easy user interface.

One Drop currently is available in different variations depending on . One Drop Chrome is Bluetooth-enabled and is a glucose monitoring system that comes in sleek meter and includes a “vegan leather” carry case and test strips. Results are taken in a painless 5 seconds and sync automatically to the app.

One Drop Experts are different app based programs (varying between 8 and 10 week plans, or monthly and annual options) that help coach users to a healthier lifestyle and manage their disease. The experts help coach the user through holidays, restaurant meals, carb counting, and an overall better understanding of the disease.

One Drop takes all components of an individual’s disease to help create a greater understanding and improve daily habits.

” Master the fundamentals of carb counting and learn how to handle any meal, while keeping your blood sugars in check. You’ll work closely with your Expert through an 8-week program designed to set you up for long-term success.”

The app and programs are recognized and approved by the American Diabetes Association as a self management education and support service.

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