Designing the Perfect Hockey Skate

June 20, 2013

As our local Chicago Blackhawks faceoff against the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals, many new fans are beginning to follow hockey. What many of these viewers, both new and old, might not understand is the extensive amount of cutting edge design and engineering that goes into the hockey skates strapped to each player’s feet.

Chicago’s Patrick Kane is sponsored by Bauer, one of the industry’s leading hockey equipment developers. Their latest skate, the Vapor APX2 is a stunning product that is built for performance and packed with innovation.

Bauer Vapor APX2 (photo from

Key features that are new to the skate are the Injected Stability Lacing System, which utilizes modern materials and one-piece construction in order to provide superior protection, and reduced energy loss with each stride. Also, the Vapor skates signature X-rib design, implements curved composite ribs around the outside of the upper skate which provides additional support and stability, key for any skater’s protection and speed. The steel blade of the skate sees a major improvement. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Trigger allows players to change their steel on-the-go in very little time. While originally players were forced to have the appropriate tools and sit out multiple shifts to replace dull or broken steel, with this innovative function, they can release and replace in a matter of seconds.

Advances in materials and processes have turned the hockey skate from what once resembled a shoe with a metal blade, into a modern hockey tool that uses every aspect to the fullest in order to deliver improved performance.

To learn more about the Vapor APX2’s head over to Bauer’s website and check out their latest hockey developments, or watch the video below.

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Written by: Justin Bechstein, Industrial Design Intern, Beyond Design, Inc.

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