Photorealistic Renderings        

Designer Kenya Hara Examines Everyday Objects

January 10, 2017

For the majority of people, wheat, rice and corm make up their diets. However, these plants take on a very different form in every culture. The differences that separate these “staples” might seem insignificant at first, but can inspire admiration and beauty after inspection. Designer Kenya Hara enjoys to explore the beauty and options of specific foods that were showcased in a series of photorealistic rendering illustrations, which are on display at the Design Museum in London, England.




The industrial designer has a special eye and an interest in everyday objects, even food. Most of us don’t think about those items, but they’re common and important in all cultures. His job is to examine and study simplicity, which explains why he can find items in unexpected places.




These images were drawn by hand by Hara and polished in Adobe Illustrator. At first glance, these look like photographs taken, but that’s the beauty in the simplicity of it. With staple items, Hara wants to appreciate the items that we see and use on a daily basis.

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