Design Thinking + Business Thinking

March 7, 2012

“Design the New Business” was released yesterday (as mentioned in our previous post) and we took some time to watch it today. The documentary speaks about a number of issues that are influencing the design world today, but focuses on realizing the value of integrating design and business. Design is not only about re-designing or re-styling, it is about creating an entirely new idea that adds value to the user experience, as well as the business model. There is a need to unite design thinking with business thinking in order to sort out complex issues and understand what exactly needs to be designed.

Today, there is greater value in the experience the product creates than the actual product itself. At Beyond Design, design research plays a key role in discovering what that experience should be and how to create it. The balance between what users want and what will create a profit is key in the business + design relationship. With users more in control than ever before, design helps business become more user-centered and business helps design to stay focused. To learn more and see what others have to say, check out the video below. It’s a very interesting documentary that speaks to designers and business professionals everywhere. You can view the full website here.

Design the New Business – English subtitles from dthenewb on Vimeo.

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