Design & Thinking: A Documentary

July 13, 2011

What exactly does “design thinking” mean? Over the years, it has been easy to find films about designers, design disciplines, and objects. A film about design thinking, however, is nearly impossible to come by. Thanks to Kickstarter, a team of two filmmakers and two people from a non-profit with first-hand observations in and out of the design community may get the opportunity to make a film about one of the newest terms to arise in the design world in the past couple of years—Design Thinking.

We are unsure who coined the term “design thinking”, but we do know it has become mainstream thinking for just about everyone in the design industry. This week, the four film makers, who are calling themselves One Time Studio, have officially released the trailer for their film, and it looks pretty impressive. They’ve spent time interviewing several well-known design leaders who have strong standpoints on the subject, including Smart Design’s Dan Formosa and AIGA CEO Richard Grefé, about why designers felt the need to qualify what they do with the word “thinking.” Ideally, they want to interview people from different disciplines and present conflicting opinions.

This sounds like something that could potentially be a huge success if done right. Check out their trailer below, and, if you’d like to back this project, stop by Kickstarter and show your support.

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