Offline Pocket        

Cutting Off Your Smartphone in the Offline Chair

August 14, 2015

Is it that hard for us to turn off our phones? Apparently so. Designer Agata Nowak has designed the most daring invention to our time – the one where are cell phones are digitally cut off. Surprise? Not really, considering that we all need a break once in a while, whether we believe it or not. The Offline Chair is a tall, upholstered chair with sides and a roof to block out the noises around you.


However – with that comes the special pocket. The special pocket is designed to hold your smartphone, which is lined in material that will extinguish radio signals. Hence, no cell phone service or feeling the vibration when a text or email comes through.



We all need to keep in mind that practicing self-control, especially in stressful work/home environments is crucial to health purposes. Everyone here at Beyond Design is always connected to our phones, computers, laptops, smart devices, etc. If it’s available, we’re on it. However – if you think about it, it can’t hurt to be disconnected from everyone for a while. We’re all so used to be connected at all times to the innovative technology that has been introduced to us, we do not know how to live without it. Positive or negative?

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