MultiTaction Curved iWall        

Curved Walls are the Way of the Future

May 5, 2015

The MultiTaction Curved iWall is here…


Last month, the launch of the world’s first curved, multi-user interactive wall was featured at the Digital Signage Expo. The latest iWall offers curvatures up to 360 degrees with widths up to 96 feet, along with an unlimited amount of users. This is ideal for those who want to transform communication into something new, fun and creative for briefing centers, lobbies and public locations around the world.

Key features of the MultiTaction Curved iWall include:
• Modular, highly customizable
• Ultra-fast responsiveness
• Simultaneous and unlimited touch
• IR pen and 2D code recognition


The MultiTaction iWall is the ideal communication channel for any corporate brand. The high quality, sleek look, along with the functionality can deliver any message that is effective and reliable, while leaving a “wow” impression. Not only is the iWall a touch display – it is an experience for those who are using it. The social experience that comes along with the iWall is inspiring, collaborative and gives the chance for users to explore past their initial actions.

To learn more information, please click here.

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