Creativity in QR Codes

June 24, 2011

If you happen to notice a black and white square on a business card, in the corner of an ad, or even on a product, you might want to get out your smartphone. While QR codes have been popular in Japan for a number of years, they are becoming more mainstream in the U.S. as a way to easily share several forms of media and content through mobile devices.

In Chicago, these codes have been spotted at CTA L stations, on business windows, buses, taxis, and in TV ads. The codes grant access to websites, videos, Facebook accounts, coupons, and a number of other sites. While we commonly use our QR code on marketing pieces, it’s interesting to see other ways businesses and individuals use them.

Recently, one of the more unique ways we’ve seen a QR code used was on a series of wine bottles, called Hedera.

“We decided to use the QR code as a main image of modern vision and then blend it with classic artistic calligraphy for the Hedera brand.”

The bottle is pretty catchy…

Here are some other interesting ways of using the QR code. We like how Disney made it their own with the artwork.

Being that this one says nothing about who or what it’s for, it definitely evokes a lot of curiosity.

It seems that there are endless possibilities on the ways you can use this marketing tool.

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