Creating Young Entrepreneurs at Nettelhorst School in Chicago

January 24, 2013

Last year, Northwestern engineering students implemented a pilot program at Nettelhorst School called SEE Chicago where students learn how to invent products and sell them with the help from real world professionals. The program is led by Northwestern engineering professor, Mike Beltran, and marketing consultant and Nettelhorst volunteer, Ted Ganchiff. The 5th grade students visited our studio a little over a month ago to get some input on their product ideas for this program (read about it here.) Yesterday, Chicago (a neighborhood news source) published a great article about the program. You can check it out here and see some photos from the SEE program below.

In addition to the SEE program, Beyond Design, in collaboration with Northwestern students and Nettelhorst teachers and volunteers, will be implementing the first ever New Product Development (NPD) program at Nettelhorst. The program, called dig-8, which stands for Discover, Innovate, and Grow, is designed to teach children about new product development and entrepreneurship in a relevant, engaging, and unique way. The goal is to educate young students and show them how to take their ideas and turn them into viable product solutions that can be marketed and sold to consumers. The program kicks off next Thursday in the 8th grade class and we can’t wait to see the creativity level of the students!

Students and their teacher check out a 3D printer (photo from

Nettelhorst Elementary and Beyond Design

Fifth graders at Nettlehorst talk to professionals at Beyond Design about their ideas for a pencil holder. (photo from

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