Creating a 3D Printed Car

July 31, 2013

Ivan Sentch is building an entire car from scratch with the help of his Solidoodle, 2nd Gen 3D printer. (photo from

Ever since the rise of 3D printing, people have been trying to print all kinds of things from forks to, more recently, guns. If you’re a motor head, what could be more amazing than if could print your own car? It would be even better if you could create a CAD model of an all time favorite classic car.

A man in New Zealand is creating an Aston Martin replica on his Solidoodle, 2nd Gen 3D printer desktop. Everybody wants a classic Aston Martin, a Jaguar E type, or a BMW 2002 in their garage. Not everyone can afford one, but it does seem a lot more affordable these days with a 3D printer. You can read more on the story here: Solidoodler 3D-Printing Car or Replica DB4 Project.

Written by: Jung Chei, Senior Industrial Designer, Beyond Design, Inc.

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