CR8™ Available on Kickstarter Now!        

CR8™ Is Live On Kickstarter!

May 29, 2019

We are live! 4 days in, 26 to go! We celebrated the launch of our CR8™ campaign this past weekend at Fifth Third Bank’s Bike the Drive where we peddled over 30 miles on Lake Shore Drive with 21,000+ other riders.


Beyond Design has been in the product development business for over 25 years and every member of our team has worked relentlessly this year to ensure we have designed and engineered a bike accessory that urban riders can trust. The CR8™ showcases our expertise in industrial design, engineering, UI/UX, marketing, and research.

Our Engineering team was given a broad range of requirements with the most critical being an easy to install and durable modular locking plate with cam lock (seen below). The lock gives our system a unique feature that most other bike cargo solutions don’t: safety + peace of mind.

Our $35,000 Kickstarter goal will give us the funds we need so we can start production and tooling and get the CR8™ system onto bikes around the world and into your hands come fall 2019. If you believe in Beyond Design, the CR8™, and sound product development we hope you will back us and show your support!

During our 30 day campaign we will be offering the CR8™ at discounted prices where supporters will receive rewards for backing the product early. We appreciate any and all support and won’t be able to push to CR8™ to it’s potential without your help. The CR8™ is available with rewards on our Kickstarter now!

Visit our website at and follow our progress on Instagram and Twitter (@bikeCR8). And don’t forget to join us on June 8th for our official Launch Party!

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