Cool Products from the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show

March 14, 2013

We put together some highlights from the International Home + Housewares Show (feel free to download the PDF at the end of this post) and wanted to follow up with some more trends and new products we discovered at the show.

We liked Progressive’s International Crafty Cookie Kit. It’s a compact, versatile and fun too that is perfect for bakers who want unlimited design possibilities (the product comes six switchable patterned heads). You can learn more about the product here.

Aladdin played with a cultural icon pretty successfully with their insulated Mason tumbler. Rather than a glass jar, the reinvention is BPA-free with a steel lid and straw. The image below is from WBEZ/Louisa Chu.

Corksicle, a small company that last year invented a wine chilling device that became one of the hottest items of 2012 (it was “favorited” by Good Morning America, Oprah and Martha Stewart), came out with a new product this year – the Chillsner. The Chillsner is the first and only in-bottle beer chiller that is designed to keep your beer cold from “the first sip to the last.” This would make a great gift and would definitely come in handy at summer barbeques or other outdoor events.

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The Brew Demon stood out because its form and function is more true to the modern craft brew craze than an old-world barrel. It is a 2-gallon conical fermenting system that allows you to brew beer like the pros, but in smaller batches. You can brew 2 gallons of beer for about $75.00 for the equipment and first batch – any additional batches are $13.00.

Infusion Living introduced new designs with the slogan “Think flat…differently.” The space-saving designs include a bread/fruit bowl, colander, and three twistable stacking bowls. Learn more about the company and products here.

We really liked these spatulas from Le Creuset and Farberware. Le Creuset’s Spatula Spoon is currently on the market (shown here in their new color from last year, Marseille Blue) and it has a great mix of color and materials. Farberware, on the other hand, stood out because they implemented the “Keep Calm and Bake On” quote on their spatulas – something we have never seen on a spatula before.

There seems to be an evolving trend toward using color as an accent to create a dynamic visual effect. Savora, a line of culinary tools and gadgets from Lifetime Brands, had very elegant and sleek designs with simple curves. They added a pop of color to each product which really made their brand stand out.

Oreck’s Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner was visually appealing due to its handle design, use of materials, and bright blue accent color. When we lifted it, it was extremely lightweight and would be perfect for anyone who needs a mobile upright around the household.

Nespresso’s booth always catches our eye with their sharp designs and use of colors. The style of this machine, the Nespresso Maestria, reminded us of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.


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You can also download a PDF of some more highlights from the show, including information on color trends, robotic technology, home comfort, use of natural materials, and SodaStream, below.

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