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December 9, 2014

Who isn’t connected to their cell phone or technology gadgets at all times these days? Our technology driven world thrives on being connected 24/7, regardless of what those might think everything is. Key trends like connectivity, low-cost sensors and cloud computing are providing us with major changes that could effect all objects around us. More and more data is being captured by sensors, which means connectivity will never slow down.

Sensors are connected to home systems, appliances, wearable items and other devices. The increasing quantity of items that are being connected is dramatic, as their prices are dropping for more people to be able to afford. They allow us to make smarter decisions, without speaking to us at all. At a drop of a button, or touch of a screen, we have the ability to be productive and more efficient throughout the day. In addition, the “smartification” of these gadgets might have an impact on our social behavior, if it already doesn’t. Below are some examples of how connected gadgets have become a necessary integration into our daily lives.

technology_one The Nokia Treasure Tag is a smart new way to alert you if you forgot something before you leave somewhere.

technology_two The smart lamp or the wireless charging plate notifies you when you’ve missed a call or have a new SMS or MMS text message.

technology_three This Microsoft fitness wristband includes 10 sensors that generate data about your heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality and the amount of activities you complete per day.

Here at Beyond Design, we’re all about the latest and greatest technology gadgets that we can get our hands on. The designers here have brainstormed, designed and have seen many items come to life that make other’s lives more exciting and easier through technology. But, how many smart connected things have you gotten your hands on? To read more on this article, click here.

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