Colorful Keyboard Brought to iOS

December 30, 2014

Cell phones have allowed us to connect through texting for a few years now, and we all know the feeling of picking up our cell phones to answer a text. Most cell phone keyboards allow you to push individual buttons or swype between keys to make specific words. However, with Nintype, you can do both at the exact same time, by tracing a word and tapping out the letters to communicate what you want. Nintype makes texting super fast and efficient, comparing it to a physical keyboard.

Auto correct? Check. Using same words and phrases that it can be memorized? Check. Math equations in the middle of a text? Check. Nintype can do it all for you, along with a color popping up every time a user pushes a key. And it’s even cooler when a user swipes a word, which leaves a mess of colors on your screen.


What’s awesome about Nintype is that the developers say that you can extend the battery life by up to 75%, being in what is called, zen mode. Most users would probably love this idea, considering that we’re a society that is always on the go and constantly needs to charge their phones. Most users have compared Nintype to a crazy version of Dance Dance Revolution, giving off color and a futuristic view of what texting can be in the future. Being that Beyond Design works on User Interface concepts, this is interesting to us and also cool because we always love hearing about the newest technologies and advances.


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