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Coding Boot Camps to Jump Start Careers

January 31, 2017

Coding boot camps have sprung up dramatically recently, offering intense remote and on-site classes and workshops to those looking to sharpen basic skills or are learning to code for the first time. With more and more companies demanding coders and developers to have a technical and business experience, there has been an increase of these roles in the work force.

These boot camps provide a thorough and intense approach to coding that are placing more and more individuals with new, fast tracked careers. Below are two of Chicago’s top programming boot camps:

Dev Bootcamp

Dev BootCamp: Tucked in the West Loop, here you can learn the intricacies of coding with their full stack web dev courses. Dev BootCamp eases a new member into the classes starting with 9 weeks of remote prep (15-25 hours a week) before complete immersion in the program at one of their sites for an additional 9 weeks. This mental gauntlet is a hefty 50+ weekly hours of intense learning, collaboration, and training with veteran software engineers and peers. For the final week of the program students build web applications and are given career guidance for post boot camp life. This program will set you back around $13,000.


General Assembly: With 20 campuses across the globe and over 35,000 alumni, General Assembly offers a similar program for those ready to switch up their career and dive into the world of coding. The traditional 4 month web development program costs a little over $13,000 and highly focuses on using newly learned skills and the dense alumni network to get their students great jobs when they complete the course. A typical day starts at 9:00 AM and includes code assessments and exercises, followed by more conventional teacher- led classes, labs, and individual and one-on-one sessions. The day ends at 6:00 PM followed by a stack of homework. This rigorous and comprehensive style of learning is tough but prepares the individual for a respectable career post graduation.

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