Choosing the “Big Idea” in dig-8 [Session 4.0]

June 19, 2013

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This week was one of the best sessions we had had up to this point because we saw the students really connecting with the program once they saw their “big ideas” start to form.

Students began the session by selecting their favorite concepts from the brainstorming last week and combined them to create one “big idea” for their team. The mentors helped sketch these ideas and called out important features and benefits on the design. The ideas ranged from a caterpillar-type storage device to an elephant hook and a customizable magnetic organizer.

“My favorite experience was probably working with my groupmates and my mentor, starting from having a bunch of ideas to lowering down to just one amazing product idea and making it work from there.”

Concept Ideas

Students selected their favorite concepts from the brainstorming session.

Once every student had chosen their favorite concepts, they worked with their team to combine their favorites and come up with one "big idea" that highlighted the most important features and benefits.

Mentors worked with their teams to create the "big idea" they would move forward with.

Mentors help sketch the big idea for their team.

Sanjeet Das, a mentor from Northwestern University, helps sketch team JBDT's big idea.

Jung Chei, a mentor from Beyond Design, sketches out team Silepatoo's big idea.

Trevis Kurz, a mentor from Beyond Design, sketches the big idea for the Elephant Hooks.

Team Presentation

At the end of the session, each team presented their big idea to the class.

Each team created a name for their concept. The "Leaf-it-Here" is presented above.

'The Unknown' presents their big idea to the class.

The ideas ranged from a customizable magnetic organizer to a tree-like storage device, individual metal hands, and elephant hooks.

The final design that was chosen to move forward is currently on Kickstarter. While we have already met our goal (thanks to all those who have donated!), any funding above this goal will go back into the program and help spread SEE and dig-8 to more students and more schools!

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