Changing how we Live: Advanced Technologies

July 7, 2022

Advanced Technology Changing the World

As we move forward in society, the technologies around us are ever-evolving and are becoming more intelligent, making our lives easier and even more exciting. We will cover innovative technologies in 5 categories: communication, transportation, fashion, housing, and food.

No. 1 – Communicate with your Furry Friends

It’s a wild idea to think that we may be able to communicate with our dogs. While we do not have a basic understanding of how our furry friends are feeling, there is now AI technology that is able to translate a dog’s bark into one of 5 emotions: happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad. The Petpuls dog collar by Up-style utilizes the same type of deep learning technology that is used for human voice recognition and is trained on 10,000 bark samples from 50 different breeds of dogs.

No. 2 – The Future of Orbital Vacations

While aerospace companies such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have already sent tourists to space, a study at Northern Sky Research (NSR) suggests that over the next 10 years, about 60,000 passengers will go into space. However, instead of a short, sub-orbital flight, orbital vacations will eventually become one of the future space tourism trends. The profitable future of space travel includes luxury space hotel concepts both in orbit and on the moon is becoming more tangible everyday.

No. 3 – Photosynthetic Textiles

The fashion industry is extremely detrimental to the environment, making up 10% of the world’s carb emissions (UNECE, 2018). A small clothing collection from the Luxury automobile brand DS Automobiles and French designer EGONlab was showcased in Paris Fashion Week 2021. It was all the buzz, not for the design, but for the sustainable function.

With the help of London-based research and design studio Post Carbon Lab, this clothing line actually conducts photosynthesis and breaths like plants, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and emits oxygen just like trees.

No. 4 – Control your Home with Smart Appliances

As our smartphones, watches, and even jewelry become even smarter, people are beginning to “smartify” their homes with smart appliances. The benefits of being able to ask Siri anything, track our health patterns, and connect with people around the world are now being seen in the home with smart refrigerators, ovens, microwave, coffee makers, and laundry machines. Appliances around the home such as these come equipped with touch screens and a few of which are internet-ready, allowing the control of the product from an app.

No.5 – From Cows to Cells

The meat industry not only causes continuous and growing harm to our planet, but is also inhumane and simply unsustainable. The future of meat is here with lab-grown or cell cultured meat. Using animal cells from small tissue samples, meat can actually be cultivated in labs. The cells become muscle tissue and even a small sample of animal tissue can produce hundreds of pounds.

The World is evolving quickly and we have to learn to adapt to those changes everyday. We are excited to see what’s next in advanced technology, taking us to new heights and an exciting future.

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