CES Wrap Up        

CES Wrap Up

January 10, 2019

Iconic Vintage Sound

Yamaha’s Vinyl 500 Turntable is giving a new spin on an old sound. It features WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and of course, Alexa voice control capabilities. Spinning a record in one room can now be easily shared across every room in the house with a simple command. Unlike other record players, the Yamaha 500 doesn’t require extra amplifiers to improve sound quality. The vinyl player wirelessly connects to your existing MusicCast devices creating a well-rounded, full sound.

Google Takeover

Google’s presence this year was even higher than last year. The Google monorail was back zipping attendees to different panels and exhibits and Google Assistant billboards were plastered over nearly every inch of the Convention Center. This year Google had indoor and outdoor attractions and even a “ride” that showcased Google Assistant abilities, similar to that of an amusement park. Besides the flashy marketing stunts, Google did have some substantial announcements like their partnership with Sonos and Samsung.

Cooking With Google

Our friends at Instant Brands revealed their newest update on Instant Pot that includes Google Assistant support. Their Smart WiFi pressure cooker gets another leg up on the competition with the Google sous chef creating a high tech, connected kitchen. At $150 the 6-quart cooker is available for purchase and ready to start cooking.

Foldable Phones Are Here

The small Chinese start up, Royale, blew away CES-goers with their foldable FlexPai tablet phone. The bendable device is already on the market in China and started shipping to developers in the U.S. late last year. The 7.8 inch screen maintains a 1440 pixel resolution and bends in half on a hinge. This creates a closed book effect where the user can either prop it up or keep closed completely to use as a phone. FlexPai also features a fingerprint scanner, dual SIM capabilities, and a 16-megapixel wide angle camera.

FlexPai runs on a combination of OS Water layered on top of Google Android 9.0.

Designed to Love

The rolling, doe-eyed robot from GrooveX was designed to comfort and re-energize. Lovot reacts to moods and is created with Emotional Robotics™ technology to create a warm and loving connection with it’s owner. The fuzzy robot elicited lots of cooing at CES this year and is available for preorder now.

Fuzzy, Fake, and Huggable.

Global Stage for Innovation

That’s a wrap on CES 2019! Another year of innovation, forward thinking, and a glimpse at the future of gadgets and tech. For a look at some of our projects please visit our website at or drop us a note at Stay tuned for our next tradeshow recap and read our blog for more updates. Thank you for reading.

AT&T Communications CEO, John Donovan and MediaLink Chairman and CEO, Michael Kassan, kick off the New Frontiers in Mobile keynote at CES.

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