CES 2023: The Future of Technology

January 18, 2023

The Consumers Electronics Show (CES) has made its name as the most influential event in the world – bringing the latest innovations and global innovators in tech together. Taking place in Las Vegas each year, the show gives a global audience access to both big brand names and startups, along with the most influential leaders in the tech industry. The Beyond Design team chose some products we think paint a great picture of the future of technology as we know it.

NO. 1: BMW i Vision Dee

The BMW i Vision Dee is a digitally changing colored car. With a sleek and streamlined exterior combined with digital features, there’s an element of emotional intelligence to the product. The car is proof that minimalism and expression can coexist exceptionally well.

BMW i Vision Dee

The color changing layer is controlled by the driver, combining emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI). When your mood changes, using innovation inspired by E-ink technology, you can change the color of the car to match your mood. The BMW i Vision Dee is truly a revolutionary innovation made in the automobile industry and we can’t wait to see more.

BMW i Vision Dee Interior

NO. 2: The GlüxKind Ella

The smartest stroller in the world was at the CES show this year, The GlüxKind Ella. Powered by AI, this product is a self-driving stroller, pushing the boundaries of robotics and machine learning to improve stroller safety, usability, and comfort. The GlüxKind features computer vision, with 360 degree sensors to scan its environment.

The GlüxKind Ella at CES 2023

Parents can walk hands free and the stroller even stops when you stop. The coolest features of this product include Automatic Rock-My-Baby and the built-in White Noise Machine. This type of innovation in a stroller gives parents an extra set of hands and eyes.

The GlüxKind Ella

NO. 3: Project Leonardo for PS5

Project Leonardo for PS5 Controller Kit

Helping make access to gaming available to many more people, Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5 is a highly customizable controller kit being developed. Featuring a flexible and adaptable design, players can craft their own experience. It is designed to remove barriers to gaming, to help players with disabilities play more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods. The Project Leonardo controller kit will make a huge impact on the gaming world, making it more accessible and allowing players to curate their own gaming experience.


In the past few years, working remotely has become a norm that we have all had to adapt to. MUTALK, a soundproof, noise suppressing bluetooth microphone, addresses these changing aspects of society. The product prevents voice leakage, with a max sound reduction of -30dB, making it perfect for remote meetings in a noisy place, while playing in the Metaverse, and even when gaming.


Play hands-free with the removable headband attachment and stay hygiene conscious with the removable and washable mouth pad. The MUTALK even has an automatic mute feature when placed bottom-side down, which is especially useful during meetings. This product really is innovation that meets ever-changing societal needs at its best.

NO. 5: RideCare Companion by Bosch

RideCare Companion by Bosch

You may have been dashboard cameras in your Uber or Lyft, used as a safety enhancement for drivers. Now, there is RideCare Companion by Bosch, bringing elevation to the standard dash cam. It is a comprehensive solution that is specifically designed for ride sharing, and enhances safety for both the driver and rider.

The device includes an internal and external camera and provides live, remote support from agents 24 hours a day. The RideCare Companion also includes a wireless SOS button for the driver that can be discreetly placed on the dashboard.

RideCare Companion SOS Driver Button

The world is evolving quickly and we have to learn to adapt to those changes. We are excited to see what’s next in advanced and innovative technology at CES next year that will take us to new heights and a very exciting future.

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