CES 2022 Highlights

January 10, 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the World’s largest technology trade shows that takes place annually in Las Vegas. A ton of exhibitors showcased new and innovative products that reveal trends in the world of electronics. This is the place to see the coolest computers, speakers, cars, and everything in between. For the 2022 show, Beyond Design has some favorites that we would like to highlight!

No. 1 – LG DualUp Monitor

The LG exhibit showcased their amazing new DualUp Monitor with a 27.6 inch screen that is designed to act as two monitors stacked on top of one another as opposed to a head-turning side-to-side view. With this set up, it is much easier for the user to efficiently get work done without having to look at two monitors. The Nano IPS display has 2,560 x 2,880 resolution making something such as video editing very elevated and innovative.

No. 2 – The FreeStyle

At the Samsung exhibit, CES goers were introduced to the FreeStyle, a lifestyle projector which can be taken with you throughout the house and even outside for a movie night in the warm summer months. The stand swivels allowing for projection onto a variety of surfaces. With auto focus and auto leveling, the FreeStyle can be used in any environment and even has the ability to be used as a mood light that changes with the rhythm of music.

No. 3 – Scosche Boom Can MS Portable Speaker

You never know when you’ll need a speaker to set the vibe, whether it be at the beach or just a quick shower. With the Scosche BoomCan MS Portable speaker, you have the ability to attach the small round Bluetooth speaker to iPhone’s 12 and 13 magnetically for portability anywhere. With the convenient magnetic attachment, there is also the ability to use the speaker as a stand, propping up the phone for viewing. Enjoy the day out and about with 5 hours of battery life this year.

No. 4 – Onanoff StoryPhones

It has been proven to be extremely difficult for parents to work remotely while their children are also attending school virtually from home. With the Onanoff StoryPhones, moments of peace and quiet are possible again. These headphones for kids feature story discs that download the content and store the stories in the headphones. Onanoff takes it even further by including ZenSheild, which plays soothing sounds to help kids relax and stay calm.

No. 5 – SkyDrive Company Emission-Free Flying Vehicle

Talk about a wow factor! Tokyo based aero-tech company SkyDrive came to CES this year with an absolute showstopper. This compact emission-free flying vehicle is ultra-light and has completed testing for piloted flight for the first time. At CES, we saw the Model SD-03 which is designed to take off vertically and land with fantastic stability. The future is coming and fast! Transport anywhere safely in the sky with this exciting new product.

No. 6 – LG OLED Media Chair

LG showcased another one of their super cool products, the Media Chair. This sleek and reclined chair has amazing TV and display technology with a screen that features a roll-able 50in OLED TV display for optimal viewing angle for users. Best yet, it comes with built-in sound technology, eliminating the need for an external speaker.

No. 7- Cubtale, Inc. Baby Tracker App and Cubs

The Cubtale, Inc. Baby Tracker App and Cubs are revolutionizing the way to track and manage your baby’s daily care activities. With a mission to improve the quality of care, Cubtale provides transparency to care data presenting real-time notifications for tracking activities such as breastfeeding or medicine intake. The Cubs can be freely placed for quick access and with a simple press of a button, tracking the data that is then put into the platform for viewing.

No. 8 – Prêt à Pousser Multo Indoor Vegetable Garden

The French start up, Prêt à Pousser shows up to CES this year with their new XXL indoor vegetable garden, Multo. It is relatively company in an apartment as well as modular and requires almost no maintenance. The coolest part yet its luminaire is connected to the app so each plant receives the right dose of water and sun it needs. Feed a whole family salads and aromatic herbs with Multo and grow more than thirty plants.

No. 9 – SKIA AR Image Solution

SKIA is a Korean startup that has developed an augmented reality (AR) technology to accurately show the lesion image on CT/MRI scans. The image is projected onto the patient’s body as opposed to on a screen. By projecting on the body, it is not limited to a specific organ or feature and can be useful for not only breast images, but also for non-rigid organs such as a liver or pancreas. SKIA aims to create a safe surgical environment for patients by reducing surgical deviations according to the doctor’s skill level with a medical image AR solution.

No. 10 – Maicat by Macroact

Maicat is an autonomous robot which adapts to your daily life, becoming a companion just as a real cat would be. It has diverse reactions that avoid repetition while leaving room for unexpected experiences. As a friend that keeps you company, the Maicat is sensitive to everything that happens around it. It can be affectionate as well as independents just as most cats are. The coolest part about the Maicat is its ability to recognize both your voice as well as differentiate between 10 different faces.

That’s a wrap for CES 2022! A special thanks to a friend of Beyond Design, Dr. Lyle Berkowitz for providing photos from his trip to CES this year. We are excited to return in 2022 for some more awesome innovations.

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