CES 2013: What’s Caught Our Eye So Far

January 9, 2013

From what we’ve seen so far, CES 2013 is filled with HDTV’s, Smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers (seems very similar to last year’s show). A few of the products that have caught our eye since we arrived are shown below.

If 55-inch and 65-inch TV’s aren’t big enough for you, check out Samsung’s oversized S9000. It’s a monster at 110 inches. You can see more images of the TV here.

Samsung 110" TV

Samsung S9000

Nearly everyone has a Bluetooth speaker at the show. The one’s shown below are from Samsung. We really like the clean design.

bluetooth speaker at CES 2013

Bluetooth speakers from Samsung.

Samsung displayed the world’s first curved OLED TV at CES on Tuesday. This might be foreshadowing their plans for future smartphones. The curved screen is intended to give viewers a more realistic and grand experience, similar to that of going to an IMAX movie theater.

Samsung Curved OLED TV

This Sony TV allows you to connect your phone to it wirelessly and enjoy your apps on the big screen. So many products are incorporating Smartphones with their designs.

Sony TV at CES 2013


Do you want to draw on your TV with a gigantic pen? Panasonic’s new smart TVs will allow you to do just that, as well as add tiles with channels, calendars, and internet pages. The new Panasonic TVs will recognize users using a built-in camera, switching the home screen depending on whoever is watching it.

Panasonic Smart TV

Samsung’s transparent 3D TV is shown below. This might be useful in museums to create exciting, interactive displays that combine real objects with 3D imaging.

Samsung's Transparent TV

We really like Intel’s booth and whoevers idea it was to build a tree of Ultrabooks. Very cool. The computers can be controlled by the person standing below.

Intel's Booth at CES 2013

Leading up to CES, there were several Chinese companies mentioned on various online sites to watch out for. Out of the companies mentioned, TCL (a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong, China) has the strongest and loudest presence at the show.

TCL Corporation's Booth

Download our full recap with new trends and products from CES 2013 below.

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